Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Postage Stamp Frame Template

However, tonight was not a good seance. I probably would have been more receptive if the dude had not been wearing a do rag. The huge medallion hanging mid chest did not help either. I have been to many paranormal ceremonies and the location of this annual event is so prime and well known for its hauntings, that this fella must have just gotten off the bus from a movie set. He was horrible. I kept telling myself that God loves him also and then I had to try not to giggle under my breath at the humor of it all.

Anyway, Happy Halloween to you all.

I am posting a little embellishment tonight that I think you will find useful. It is so easy and so quick. All you have to do is size your photo and place it in between the two layers in the file and you have yourself a nice little postage stamp. Leave off the top layer and you can make a postage stamp without the cancellation marks. Save it as a .PNG to retain the transparent background and you are done.


Peggie said...

I had never noticed this stamp frame on your site before. Thank you. I
also looked at the tutorials. I use PSP for my scrapbooking, but I do
have Photoshop Elements on my computer, so I'm gonna check them out.
Thanks again for this great stamp frame template.

Sibylle said...

Thank you for this great stamp frame template. It gives me all kinds of ideas.

Waileng said...

Thank you for sharing this template!

Queen Mallory aka Isabella said...

I just look for something like this and you saved me. Thanks.

KLani said...

Thank you for sharing your stamp frame.

myrrhmaid319 said...